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ShvetsGroup Infrastructure: Organizational Tools

Project management at a web studio requires a number of tools for:

  • Communications
  • Project management system (planning, tasking)
  • Bug tracker (development and bug accounting)
  • Source code management system (repository administration)
  • Workflow system (storage of general and project documentation)
  • Time billing system (tracking time spent on performing tasks)
  • Calculation and Accounting System

There are lots of specific products and solutions for each of these categories, and I will not dwell on each of them. Instead, I'll describe what we used, how our choice has evolved and what our final picks were.

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ShvetsGroup Infrastructure: development environment and servers


Every major development team eventually faces the need for standardized development environments. We classify them in the following way:

  • Head office infrastructure development
  • External servers
  • Local computers of remote developers

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